It’s been a roller coaster ride for BOOF.

BOOF believes “everything is possible” as we continue to chase down new customers in Europe. Recent years BOOF has experienced that there are more opportunities in Europe. So recently we started a new collaboration with a German and Italian agency and this paid off.

Our “NO BLA BLA” benefits for retailers and (new) collaboration with agencies made the period till now “a roller coaster ride”.

Here a list of new BOOF customers we proudly present.

  • Netherlands: ComeBack Brands And Stories BV ,, Amazing Kids , IXI KIDS, Lola & Olivia, Flo 4 Kidz, Toddler’s Kinderwinkel, Mr Mario, Ranja met een Rietje, Kids, Angels & Heroes, Petozzi, Laurella
  • Belgium: Duimelot en Likkepot, De Blauwe Zebra, Kaat & Co, KidsOnline BVBA, Hip & Stoer Bvba, Sofie’s Store, Babycenter BVBA, Babyluff BVBA
  • Germany: Kleine Lachmöwe, Nordkinder GmbH, Fuchsgrube, Rotznasen-Kindermode, Rotznasen-Kindermode
  • Italy: Coccolini di Deli Tatiana, Titu Di Cenni Anna, MF SRL / Mama Modena, MATRIX
  • Denmark & Sweden : Philou, Kaktus

Do you want to join us on our high-speed roller coaster?…..Be quick! 


NO BLA BLA benefits for you!

NOOS fashion collection for children, you can start with a low purchasing volume (low risk), special promotional materials, easy ordering (digital) system, delivery within 5 days - all year round, no shipping costs (when ordering more than 3 pieces), maximum profit (100%)

BOOF ~ Born this way!



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